Sexuality and SAAS

What is a SASS Reading?
The history of the human race is underscored by a raw wound – the denigration and destruction of our sexual natures. Wherever we stand on the spectrum of sexual identity and gender, no one has escaped this ancestral, cross-cultural, karmic cycle of denial, hatred and shame.
Our collective fear of permission for divine experience has led to the darkest of human behaviours in the misunderstanding and suppression of countless aspects of our sexual life force energy, including the sacred feminine, the sacred masculine, and the expressions of the passionate, diverse voices of LGBTQ individuals. 
Who would we be as a species, if we were not afraid of who we really are? Why is there so much resistance to sexual expression throughout institutionalized religious teachings? Why does our hunger to taste the sweetest of human sensations lead to such untold cruelty and control? 
What is the future of our species in a time when gender and orientation have become as fluid as a Pride flag in the wind? Why do those who find themselves outside of traditional, sexual norms so often seem to face lives of suffering?
And most of all, how do we return to the garden of earthly delights, how do we regain our lost innocence, how do we claim tolerance rooted in genuine understanding of differences, no matter what choices we make in our own private, sexual lives?
At World Without Fear we are dedicated to the transformation of fear-based patterns, belief systems and cellular memories into a natural alignment with the vibration of Love. We offer profound energetic readings and attunements to clear karmic patterns rooted in fear and shame. 
Our signature deep KORE PROCESS work and the SASS Activation Series offer an unequalled energetic initiation into the shameless and fearless life. Please contact us for more information about our programs or to book a complimentary consultation with AdiKanda. 
We welcome any and all inquiries. If you are new to a vibrational understanding of the universe, we are happy to guide you at your own pace. This is a unique community where you will be greeted with unconditional acceptance and love, no matter how challenging your journey has been. Our work is the alchemical integration and transformation of all human suffering, and we celebrate the purity of human life force sexual energy, in all its forms. 
World Without Fear is an online extended family, a community and gathering place for those who seek vibrational mastery and conscious creation. We are an international nexus of exchange, support, healing and education for the hearts of all, through spiritual teachings, intuited readings, energetic attunements, group trainings and a range of healing arts modalities.  

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