Karma and Consciousness

Welcome to the world of vibrational mastery, a powerful tool in the identification and liberation of the patterns of fear which stand in the way of our alignment with our true purpose.


Patterns are called patterns because they repeat. We all have them, painful personal experiences which recur in our lives, ways in which we seem to cycle back into the old no matter how hard we try to change. The forces which drive these experiences operate at an unconscious, vibrational level. They are magnetic, and unintentionally creative. We are unwittingly addicted to our own struggle, and it must be made conscious for us to align with all that we have come here in this lifetime to be.


“Each individual holds as many sources of fear as a tree bears leaves and in each leaf must rise the brilliant colour of its death before it falls and before it crumbles into the Earth, preparing for new growth to be found. “ – transmission, AdiKanda

If you have active unconscious fear operative at this level, some of these expressions may be very familiar:

  • under-achievement
  • depression
  • need for control
  • extreme sensitivity
  • phobias and fears
  • workaholism
  • sexual addiction or dysfunction
  • food issues
  • recurrent life challenges and health concerns
  • financial issues
  • self-destructive actions and failures

The truth is that our fear is a trickster, sometimes obvious but more often masked. In this way, fear is our teacher, rising before us as a guide, as the polarity to love.

Uninterrupted, nourishing, compassionate listening and support are offered through Kore Coaching Groups as you navigate the powerful subtleties of the KORE PROCESS. This work is not meant to be done alone! Even the wisest of souls benefit from an objective ear and loving reflection. The groups are led by AdiKanda who has lived, studied and taught this process for twenty years, guiding clients worldwide, witnessing the deepest of challenges and most powerful illuminations. Whatever your present state, her desire is to hold you in an energy of unconditional love.

“I have had the very great blessing of working with Adi now for many years, in her loving wisdom, very personal approach and ongoing care. Her guided influence is at the very heart of the major shifts I’ve made, and am still making. ‘Shifts’ is perhaps too small a word – ‘transformation’ seems more fitting.

The Kore Process gets straight to the point, wherever we are in our process – which is different for everyone. The differences are deeply honoured – there’s no pushing involved, there’s simply teaching by example – the power of allowance, as opposed to resistance, and the importance of trusting, as things unfold. And unfold they will! 

I’ve learned from Adi that we must address our shadow work in order to align with our dreams. Anything short of going to the core, detracts from our power and ultimate wholeness.

Working with her is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done and I’d be hard-pressed to try and come up with the name of a being with a clarity portal more advanced than the one she offers.

~ Lizzie Shanks


Clearing fear is a fundamental tool in transforming consciousness, because if we are human, we have fear brought to us as a transformational tool, sometimes even manifesting in shame, the lowest vibration of all.  And because fear is contagious, it can become a powerful creative force, active beneath our awareness, both personally and on a global level. Fear is above all responsive to vibrational tools, much more so than logic or talk therapy. Trust is the antidote, but it must be unconditional, and coaching can help us access awareness about our fear, which leads to a new level of consciousness, which creates a new vibration, which then changes our experience. Voila, a new world awaits.

“.. remember that the man who first speaks the words “I am afraid” is all the wiser when it becomes his turn to say “and this is what I dream..” – transmission, AdiKanda


What does it look like to transform these deeply embedded patterns which have plagued us for lifetimes, and which may seem to be accelerating during these intense, cleansing days of the planetary shift?

Here are just some of the common responses clients have experienced as a result of the Kore work and the clearing of their unconscious patterns of fear.

  • self-motivation appears
  • health problems move through or diminish
  • doors to opportunity open
  • peacefulness is accessed in the midst of experiences that once created stress
  • long-standing challenges resolve themselves
  • creativity expands and collaborations appear
  • stage-fright and social nervousness diminish
  • financial problems resolve
  • natural gifts are revealed and accepted
  • the threat of judgement and need for approval lessens
  • clarity about purpose is accessed and careers shift into alignment
  • the capacity to serve in an authentic way is now possible and unfolds with ease
  • students become teachers and teachers become leaders
  • natural community is found


Please book your consultation with Adi HERE.  All sessions are offered online worldwide.

Can you imagine a life lived without fear? Experiencing daily the utter freedom of choosing your experiences and responses, unfettered by the bonds of old paradigms, frustrating patterns or toxic beliefs? Rich with the flow of unblocked creativity, passion, health, wealth and a joyful heart, within the constant embrace of divine wisdom and unconditional Love?


Within the WORLD WITHOUT FEAR Community, we offer a multi-tiered approach to your development as a conscious leader. The FEARLESS PROGRAM is an international educational and training program in support of consciousness and vibrational healing. We offer a range of opportunities including private work with AdiKanda, Kore Coaching Groups and the Kore Process Personal Training program.

In these intense days, so many are finding that old, stuck issues are rearing up, bringing up fear, frustration and pain. These are the hallmarks of a soul in progress, an opportunity for profound and liberating change. It can make all the difference to have a guide or mentor in this process, and a community of like-minded peers.  You will live the truth that you are never alone, and that any fear, any pain may be transmuted and healed.


  • a KORE PROCESS Reading and Attunement 
  • live calls, energy work and teachings with AdiKanda
  • group coaching calls
  • program calls with special guests
  • teaching audios, videos and PDFs
  • the Fearless Forum – a private Facebook group for program members
  • meet-ups for local members in Toronto.

The Fearless Program includes groups for women and men as well as couples trainings.  Via international video conferencing, you will connect with others from all walks of life who are engaged in the Kore Process.  During your course of study, you will explore potent and practical themes, as you learn how to work with your reading and the energies of the attunement.

Each month takes us deeper, and then lifts us higher.

The End of Karma

What are patterns and how do they affect me? What is the meaning of my Kore story? what role does the attunement play in my karmic journey.

Holograms and Archetypes

The nature of our holographic reality. An archetypal view of our human experience, and why it serves us.

The Faces of Fear and the Antidote of Trust

The choice between denial and alchemy. Resistance, detoxification and contraction.

Emotional and Energetic Release

How to recognize and move energy and emotional states. What tools and processes work best for you.

The illusion of Loss

What do we mean by Giving Up All to Gain All, and why this inner surrender is so essential and potent.

Human Sexuality and Shame

How does this powerful aspect of our life force show up in our patterning, and how can we cleanse the deeply rooted history of sexual shame.

Patterning and Relationships

Lovers, parent/child dynamics and changing friendships. What is “joining at the wounding” and what happens to our relationships when we “wake up”.

Soul purpose

The polarity of your wounding; what does it mean and how to find it.  How does your Kore Story provide you with the most clear insight about the nature of your soul purpose and what is the real “right livelihood”.

The Artist, the Householder and the Aspirant

What does it mean to live a karmic journey in a 3 dimensional world, can we measure our growth and how do we live in the “real” world once we are awakened to a multi-dimensional perspective?

The notion of Service

Vibrational mastery and conscious leadership. The distinction between authentic giving and egoic self-denial. The greatest confusion perpetuated by all major religious traditions and why a new understanding of these principles is such an important awareness at this time.

* * * * *


“I feel I must write and tell you what your Fearless Program has done for me. I have come to realize why so many situations have been challenging for me, but more importantly how I unknowingly courted so many of them.  Unveiling past lives and seeing the chain of similar connections through centuries of experiences has made me feel so empowered to make changes and for the first time in my life I can envision an end to self-limiting behaviours.  However, it is the mentoring aspect of your program that is vital and makes all of the above possible.  It is not enough to have past lives revealed – it is the struggle to eliminate our embedded core patterns that brings about the shift and you are there every week gently pushing me to keep at it and pointing out when I’m falling into the old familiar traps. Without your support, nothing would change.  Thank you so much. With love..” ~ Sharon Ruttonsha

Please book your consultation with Adi HERE.

To anyone wondering about this woman’s power of healing. I feel the need to share my personal experience… I met her 9 or 10 years ago and was in shock by her ability to meet me and understand me. I was angry, scared and traumatized by a hard life. I would judge others in an attempt to make myself feel better about who I was. I hurt those close to me by being self destructive. I battled addiction or just gave into it. I was closed-minded, ate terrible food and had explosive anger. I was shocked to meet a woman that never yelled, never placed blame and lived her life with the purpose to help others. She put up with so much crap from me, never once judging me for it. She came from a place of understanding why we as humans do the things that would in others eyes be deemed unforgivable. She helped me to understand why these things happened. She showed me how loving myself would change these behaviors and on top of it all showed me truth in every sense of the word.

“This is not an ad. She has no clue I’m writing this but if you or someone you love is dealing with anything like this plus more please contact her.  She is a healer, a mother and maybe an angel. There is nothing and I mean nothing she would judge you for and she will help you understand why the actions you take despite their negativity continue. I can’t write all of how she has changed my life in one post nor do I wish to share such personal info. All I can say is that I am forever changed for the better because of the help time effort and example this woman gave me. If you are ready to be happy please let her help you. I’m not writing this for her, I’m writing it for all the people that suffer needlessly. It won’t happen overnight. One session won’t fix all that’s wrong, but it will be a start.  I love you Adi. I will never ever be able to thank you enough. Ever. If she could help me she could help anyone.” ~ Emily MacKinnon

Uninterrupted, nourishing, compassionate listening and support are offered through Kore Coaching Groups as you navigate the powerful subtleties of the KORE PROCESS. This work is not meant to be done alone! Even the wisest of souls benefit from an objective ear and loving reflection. The groups are led by AdiKanda who has lived, studied and taught this process for twenty years, guiding clients worldwide, witnessing the deepest of challenges and most powerful illuminations. Whatever your present state, her desire is to hold you in an energy of unconditional love.


What follows is an excerpt transcribed from the audio of one woman’s Kore Reading. The past-life story given her in the reading details a lifetime in an ancient culture as a very young woman wherein she is given away in marriage by an ambitious father to an older man whom she cannot bear, and denied marriage to the young man of her choice. The story culminates in a scene where she is asked to dance before her suitors, and violence erupts which eventually results in the death of her beloved, and then her own death as she attempts to escape captivity and a lifetime of emotional and sexual slavery…

Illustration by Martyna Machnica

...She died with this spirit erupting from within her in two directions. One was this unquenchable power, it was as if she could not turn it off and it said, ‘No, I would rather die than live half-dead’. And the other part of her was setting free any hope of life because this was how great was her despair, how great was her fear, how great was her grief about the loss of any potential for happiness and love. Her choices were so black and white that, forced to follow what had been given to her, she knew she had nothing left to lose. And so she risked all to fight; even until the last moment, she would not back off.

Yet as she died, there was this deep hopelessness. It was as if she found herself alone in the world, alone in a world that completely did not understand her in any way. There was no one around her who would stand for her. No one who would protect her except that young man, who was now gone. Even her own mother… as much as she knew her mother loved her, she let her go. She had to. So the powerlessness of everyone around her was like a disease. And she just did not want to catch this disease, she would do anything to escape it. So this last explosion of violence was both a reach toward allowing her true Self to speak, and an act of desperation that she knew would end in her own death, almost a suicide. At that moment of death these two sensations became united and so on a soul level, as her soul departed her body there was this melding, this confusion between the beauty of her power, particularly her creative power and this ultimate despair and this ultimate loss of love. She could not see the distinction between the two. And so they became one.

This is a pattern of denial of passion, denial of the beauty of the Self. It is a pattern of powerlessness and of rebellion. It is a pattern of great loss countered by sheer determination. There is both tremendous pain and great beauty present here. There is an unstoppable creative force, there is unstoppable drive toward love and honesty, and truth. These blessings have been brought forward, they cannot die. But melded to this beauty is this tremendous fear of the danger of that true Self, for she was the dangerous one. She caused her own suffering and she caused the suffering of countless people around her. And above all she caused the death of the one she wanted the most. She saw herself as the reason, really the underlying reason for the end of all possibilities for her, all the possibilities of where her creativity and her power would take her. It would seem to come down to being her own fault, over and over again. So this is a pattern of self-judgment, not guilt so much, but the kind of self-judgment that leads into a sense of powerlessness. Powerlessness that feels explosive, because the power that is being denied is so pure and so true.

You are being asked to understand the immense value that creative work has in your life. That this is not simply a hobby or a tool for you, it is who you are. And this work, this sense of Self is much larger than you personally, it is something that you envision. On a soul level you are a leader, you are envisioning your place in the world to break through, to shatter these old ways of seeing how women must be contained and how their beauty has been bought and sold.

You are the one who carries the light ahead of others in this area. You are both a leader and also a fore-teller of the truths that are yet to come. And you are asked to begin by acknowledging your own power and awakening to dare to achieve what you have been so afraid of. To observe that fear and to begin to work with the release of that fear by allowing yourself to step up and into situations that are uncomfortable, when you’re letting that light show, when you’re letting that power emerge. And be prepared for the sensation that seems as if it’s misdirected, as if it goes wrong, as if you cannot be seen or heard. And if you are heard, that you create damage and more harm rather than the liberation that you seek. This is the illusion, this is the pattern that you are here to heal.

There is a great love in your heart. This love has kept you alive, not just physically, but it has kept you in a place of light. This knowing of love will be your salvation; return to it over and over when challenges arise. Learn to trust the source of love that is within you, and not to look for it outside of yourself. Learn that in fact this power within you, as you trust it, will enable you to share it with others. It must first be acknowledged and owned, and lived within you… And then the sharing and then the empowerment of others will come.

Love is your true nature, beauty is your true physical expression and creativity is your true voice. Never forget and never walk away from these elements of your authentic Self.

The Kore Process is available worldwide online, and in person in the Toronto area. Please book your consultation with Adi HERE.

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  1. Hi Adi,

    I just saw that my friend Sarah recently completed your training program and I’ve enjoyed looking around your site and learning about about your profound and interesting work. I am a Reiki Master and Jewelry Designer in Los Angeles. Please add me to our list and I will look forward to receiving more information and teachings.


    1. Dear Johanna.. How lovely to hear from you! Yes of course.. we will add you to our list and look forward to connecting further. Do take care during this difficult time.. Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday. Much love!

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