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In January of 2000 I awakened to an extraordinary experience. During the night, my hand had written words in a dream journal near my pillow that were not mine. In the morning light I found that the book contained an achingly beautiful and profound transmission from a higher source of wisdom, and I had no recollection of writing it down. I was amazed, frightened and shy; it took me years to embrace the gift I had received.

Over time, spontaneous writings from an Alpha sleep state emerged into conscious transmissions in the forms of poetry, live readings, meditations, and song. To date I have received oracular poems and readings numbering in the thousands for clients all over the world, as well as a rapidly growing collection of musical compositions.

The transmissions include communications from the guides for individuals, couples and children, as well as from companion animals, the deceased, the highest selves of living individuals and those who cannot not speak for themselves, such as stroke victims and the unborn. I have received guidance regarding complex questions including sexuality, money, war, spirituality, parenting, illness, autism, anger, the existence of evil, loss and fear. I am blessed to have been the vehicle for countless messages of love, wisdom and unerring personal insight, and to bring tears of release and awakening to new friends in all corners of the world.

Today all my readings are available internationally via Skype, and I am at work on a book of collected written transmissions and a CD of intuited, vibrational healing songs.


I am an intuitive artist, novelist and poet, songwriter, practitioner of cellular healing  and mother of three from Toronto, Canada. I hold fifteen years experience in profound energy work, releasing karmic patterns at a cellular level. Author of a large collection of intuited readings, writings and poems, I also create works of vibrational healing in the form of song, chant and meditation.

Through my KORE PROCESS program I support you in identifying and releasing the primary fears that have manifested in resistance, inertia, repetition of trauma and any limitations that stand in the way of an empowered life. This potent modality offers freedom from habitual and unconscious experiences, stress, depression, health and relationship issues, and emotional pain such as rage and grief. Many clients describe KORE Readings as life changing and liberating beyond any modality they have experienced before.

The gift brought by this deep work is that of awareness above all, granting meaning to every aspect of your life’s journey and opening doors to clarity, soul alignment, and permission for joy.

In addition, through my personal readings I offer specific and gentle support in times of trauma, loss, decision-making and inner growth, as well as a direct connection to divine wisdom and the truth of your own infinite Self. By hearing from your guides, deceased loved ones and sources of higher wisdom, you have the opportunity to experience long awaited relief, comfort, hope, forgiveness, and the unequaled peace of knowing just how much you are loved.

To sit in the gorgeous, warm energy of these readings and lift you up into new faith and empowerment is a service I love to give. I look forward to sharing the untapped beauty I see in you.

much love, Adi

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  • Transcript: Sexual Healing Full Moon Transmission

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  1. I just read I Don’t Know Where My Mother Put all the Pain, am profoundly moved by your sharing. I am hopeful, as I enter my 7th decade, that I will be able to engage in that kind of clarity regarding my mother. Thank you!

    1. It has taken me most of my life Phyllis. This life, that is. Who knows how much before and beyond.. Wishing for you all the clarity your heart desires!

  2. HI there , I’d love to be on your list and receive the offerings you refer to for people who sign up.
    I look forward to it~

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Sara.. Thank you so much for reaching out.. we will be delighted to forward your welcome package. Please let us know how else we can be of support. much love, Adi

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