Can you imagine a world without fear?

A world where every choice and action is rooted in trust and the recognition of our universal, divine nature?

Welcome to the gathering place of those who seek vibrational mastery and conscious creation. This is the home of exchange, support and education about deep courage, including the powerful healing available to the hearts of all through word, music, movement and the healing arts.

AdiKanda is an intuitive artist working with inter-dimensional communications from a realm of higher wisdom. Her work transmits a vibration of unconditional love to participants, releasing fear-based blocked energy and inviting powerful shifts of awakening and joy. She also composes music to cleanse the body, heal the heart and free the mind.

Please join our list and enjoy a rich digest full of transmission samples, teachings, videos, songs, special offerings and events. Also receive a free welcome package including:

  • Mp3 download: Peace 2014. A powerful 11 minute sound healing chant to create deep relaxation and grounding.
  • Video: Emergence – Sound Healing Meditation.
  • Transcript: Sexual Healing Full Moon Transmission

AdiKanda would love to have a chat with you, to answer any questions about her work, to find out more about you and how she can help you awaken to your most fearless self. To directly schedule a consultation with Adi, please choose a time that works for you here: 

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“I am struck by Adi’s presence during her readings, her words coming so clearly, precisely, and with beauty, even. I feel the power behind her words, and intuitively trust that she is receiving powerful guidance. She also possesses such a genuinely loving heart, truly caring about your experience. I am grateful that she has chosen to embrace her deepest gifts, as it is helping & inspiring me to do the same.” Julie Daugherty

“In my opinion, Adikanda is one of the most talented and prolific artists I have ever met. She is a rare and unique creative force and has become the channel for some of the most beautiful writings to be seen. All of these works seem infused with Love and Truth and the messages are always delivered with tremendous respect and care for the person. I am always struck by the power, accuracy and pertinence of these works…” J. Bergeron

“Wow! I’m absolutely blown away by the power of this … Even before I read it, I could feel its effects. It so resonates with my life experience that it’s uncanny, and it stirred such strong emotions. I cried a lot when reading it and then the end felt so empowering and liberating… Adi, thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s just the loving message that I need right now, and I’ll treasure it and re-read it again and again. I’m so grateful for your oracular gifts.” Mary.C.Davis

“I have to tell you that everyone has loved their transmissions and been so touched by them. I can’t tell you how often these beautiful words have brought me and everyone who has read them to tears. Just unbelievable.” A.S.


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